Day 1 – Monday 13th

Arrival Day! We will pick you up at the airport (also if you arrive before this day) and make you feel really welcome and take you to Fátima’s Backpackers to prepare yourself and get practical information. The exchange will start at 17h for all participants at Fátimas for welcome and information to then be transported to the Hoyo Hoyo Welcome Party! This year the welcome party will take place in Polana Caniço, Hodi’s neighbourhood for traditional Mozambican dinner and time to meet your new family for the week, play games, sing and dance until late evening. 

Day 2 – Tuesday 14th

In the morning we will have two dance workshops at Casa de Cultura, a buss will pic us up. The first one is Introduction to African and Mozambican Rhythms and the second The Afro Swing Connection. After the classes we will have lunch at own cost, very affordable local food available close by.

Afternoon – Visit to Polana Caniço – Hodi’s neighbourhoods! A minibus will pick you up at Fátima’s and take you to the suburb where most of Hodi dancer’s have grown up and still live. We will take you on a tour to the local market, listen to stories about local traditions and try out the local drink mahel.

In the evening this year Hodi is presenting the big performance Didinya -the Afro Swing Story

at the famous Galeria do Porto in Maputo. A buss will take you there and dinner can be bought at own cost at the venue.

Day 3 – Wednesday 15th

In the morning we will depart to Ponta D’Ouro! The minibus will pick us up at Fátima’s to take us to the beautiful beach Ponta D’Ouro, around 3h bus ride from Maputo.  Upon arrival we will get installed and cook our first communal meal for lunch. In the evening before dinner we will have a workshop in Traditional Mozambican dance.

After dinner we stay around for the Lirhandzo Swing Out Party a night of casual social dancing mixed with some African rhythms. Dance barefoot, in your swim suit or whatever makes you feel comfortable!

Day 4 – Thursday 16th

In the morning we will have breakfast followed by a 1,5 hour long dance workshop in Traditional Mozambican circle dances.

This day there will be free time for relaxing or going for individual adventures like snorkeling or whale watching that Ponta D’Ouro offers at your own cost. More info to come.

5 pm – From African to Blues followed by a mini ceremony to bring us together half way through the festival.

Dinner followed by Xitiko Ni Mbaula- Afro Beach Party. Xitiko Ni Mbaula is the wooden triangle that brings the fire to life. This is our African party that will take you to the roots of Mozambican tradition. Open fire at the beach, singing, drums and circle dances until late hours. The evening will start with  Mozambican drumming and singing workshop followed by dancing and jamming around the fire until late hours.

Day 5 – Friday 17th

This morning you will have a sleep in and afternoon we might play some games on the beach, let us know if you have something to contribute with!

At 5 pm we have four 30 min dance workshops with three different teachers! Get a taste of different African styles, traditional and urban to prepare yourself for the Kuphatima ka Nweti  – The Moonlight Dance! In two hours you will get a taste of Marrabenta, Soukouss/Kwassa Kwassa, Pantsula and Afro House.

In the evening we will have dinner followed by Kuphatima ka Nweti – The Moonlight Dance and MASX Cabaré!  Show Ponta your hidden skills and then let’s put on our swing attires and show swing out to Live music with @Banda Hodi followed by a DJ Battle between Swing and African!

Day 6 – Saturday 18th

Breakfast followed by departure to Maputo. Arrival at Fátima’s in the afternoon  and free time for lunch at own cost in Maputo.

In the evening we are heading to the KUTSAKA! This evening is to integrate this Afro Swing Journey, we will talk about what we have discovered about the African Roots of Swing and bring it into a jam night with both African and Jazz musicians helping us bringing out our best moves.

Day 7 – Sunday 19th

Free time in the morning and over lunch for resting or going to the local FEIMA Art Craft Market close to Fátimas. Pick up in the afternoon for the last day’s adventures and goodbye party. This day the Hodi Swing Kids will be in focus! Invited teachers will be able to give swing classes to the kids that we all can join followed by a dance performance with the amazing dancers from our Youth Program “O BRILHO DO MEU BAIRRO” and the third edition of our Mozambican Swing Dance Championships for children.

In the night you are welcome to our goodbye party Salani Vamakweso – Fairwell Brothers and Sisters! The night will be dedicated to having time to enjoy our new friendships over Mozambican food, music and dancing to say goodbye and thank each other for the experience.

Day 8 – Monday 20th

This is your earliest departure day! An option is to stay in Maputo a few days or go to Kruger Park Tuesday March 21st – 22nd.

WOW! What Workshops will I get?