Other Things To Do

Tours with Fátima’s!

Fatima’s backpackers offer different tours for their guest that you can book through them and pay upon arrival. A tour needs a minimum of four people to take place, so go with your friends or Fátima will collect your sign ups and suggest a joint tour. Our suggestion is to book a two day tour to Kruger Park the 31ts of March – 1st of April so that most people can go together, but longer tours or tours on different dates are possible if you reach the minimum number of people. All tours have English speaking guides and pick up/drop of at Fátimas. For more information and bookings contact Fátima’s Backpackers at fatimasbackpackersmozambique@gmail.com


Kruger Park Safari! Kruger Park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves and is and located just 1,5 hours from Maputo in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa. In this wild life reserve you can observe the African savana whith its zebras, antilopes, thousands of birds as well as the “big 5” if you are lucky. One day tour: 250US$/person. Two day tour: 550US$/person.

Swasiland Day Tour! The Kingdom of Swasiland is one fo the smallest countries in Africa situated between Mozambique and Maputo. Swasi, as it is commonly called, is famous for it’s stunning nature, game reserves and traditional culture. Fátima’s is offering a day tour to Swasiland where you will visit: the Lhane National Park (where all the big 5 can be seen), a traditional village, The House of Fire and the local candle factory famous for its colourful animal candles. One day tour: 200US$/person.

Note that these are the prices from 2019 and that they might change. Confirm with Fátima since they also might change depending on the value of the US$.

Mother City Hop

The only other Lindy Hop event in Africa at the moment is Mother City Hop and is taking place the week after the Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange! MCH is happening for the third time and are offering lindy hop classes with international teachers, social dancing with live music and tour around the beautiful city of Cape Town. For more info see: mothercityhop.com


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