Hoyo Hoyo Welcome Party!

Hoyo Hoyo means welcome in Changana, and that is what we want you to feel! This night is for meeting and greeting your family for the coming week in an evening of social dance and performances.

Music: Dj Music

Ndzumba ka Manhica – Party at the Manhiça’s

The brothers Elias, Manuel, and Augusto, all members of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, will open their home for us to have a traditional Mozambican dinner with plenty of time to get to know each other, play games, sing and dance until late evening.  This day will truly make you land in Mozambique and the friendliness and open hearts of the Hodi family and the Afro Swing Kids!

Music: DJ Music plus musical surprises!

Lirhandzo Swing Out Party

Swing Out Night in the name of Love! Love Cafe in Ponta Douro invites you to a  magical, cozy environment to connect with our hearts. We will start with a taster class in Blues and later the swing Dj music take us away for a night of casual lindy hop and jazz social dancing, dance barefoot, in your swim suit or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Music: DJ Swing Music

Xitiko Ni Mbaula – Afro Beach Party

Xitiko Ni Mbaula is the wooden triangle that brings the fire to life. This night will take you to the roots of African tradition. Open fire, singing, drums and circle dances.

Music: Live Music: Traditional Singing / Drumming

Kuphatima ka Nweti – The Moonlight Dance!

Let’s put on our swing attires and show Ponta D’ouro how to swing out and jazz it up! The night will play a mix of Swing music plus traditional and urban African music. Show the moves from your morning Urban Dance classes and maybe the locals will show us some moves in return! During the evening there will be one taster class in Kizomba!

Music: DJ Music: Swing and African

See this amazing venue just in front of the Indian Ocean!

Concerto Sizodivana

Sizodivana means to reencounter in Changana, we are reencountering Maputo, friends who didn’t come along to Inhaca and the local population in Maputo. This evening is an open city event and will start with a taster class in Lindy hop open for the public followed by social dance and live music.

Music: Live Music / DJs : Banda Hodi and Nhoxani Jazz Band

This is from when Harlem Hot Shots came for our first Afro Swing Festival:

Salani Vamakweso – Fairwell Brothers and Sisters!

This night we will have time to enjoy our new friendships over Mozambican food, music and dancing to say goodbye and thank each other for the experience.

Music: What the moment brings…

Are there live performances?