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Welcome to Mozambique!

Mozambique is a country in Southern Africa with 30 million inhabitants and 3000 km of coastline. The people of Mozambique are Bantu peoples and speak over 30 different languages. However, the only official language is Portuguese. Portugal colonized Mozambique in 1505 and it was under there rule all the way to independence in 1975. The political party Frelimo, which is still ruling was a strong force to achieve independence. The freedom was later followed by many years of civil war and there has only been peace in Mozambique since 1992. During the war not only the economy but also many traditions such as ceremonies and traditional dances were put on ice. Only after independence the joy and the freedom has brought new life to Mozambican development and culture. In Maputo many speak a mix of the two languages Ronga and Changana and also Portuguese. Most of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing’s members speak some English but not everyone, so practicing your portugese before arrival may be helpful!

Travelling to Mozambique is easy however there’s a few things you need to know:

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