The Afro Swing Exchange

7 Days of Dancing with Hodi Maputo Afro Swing!


Our dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing consists of 30 professionals artists who have all grown up dancing and playing music as part of our culture. Rhythm, dancing and coming together as a community, as brothers and sisters, is what we live for. Independently where you are from, how you look or what your background is, you are always welcome to dance with us.

This is the 4rd edition of Mozambique Afro Swing Exchange, MASX. You are invited to a cultural exchange where 40 international participants get the opportunity to spend 7 days with our whole dance company. In other words, you will not only have one dance teacher and one musician to learn from, but a whole dance company as support teachers and friends during this week. We will dance together, cook meals in traditional ways, play music, sing and hang out under the stars on the beach side. We will learn different traditional and urban African dances, dance Lindy Hop, Jazz and Blues and enjoy live music.

Any dancer is welcome to this event! it doesn’t matter if you are professional or beginner, if you come from Swing, Contemporary, Street Dance or just like to move your body to music. In other words, you don’t have to be a Swing dancer to enjoy this event! We will learn from each other, see how similar we are as human beings and celebrate our differences – it is a true cultural dance exchange.

It is our pleasure to present the MASX 2019 Full Programme or check out the short programme below  


  10.5 hours of Dance Workshops.
  Parties and activities every day!
   Taster Dance Classes.
  Drumming Class.
  3 nights Accommodation in Ponta D’ouro.
  4 nights Accommodation in Maputo.
  13 Meals with traditional food.
  Airport pickup.
  Transportation between all locations included in the program.

Day 1 – Monday 11th  

Morning | Arrival in Maputo
Evening | Hoyo Hoyo Welcome Party and Introduction

Day 2 – Tuesday 12th

Morning | Introduction to African and Mozambican Rhythms Workshop and Afro Swing
Afternoon | Visit Polana Caniço suburb and tour the local market
Evening | Ndzumba ka Manhiça Traditional Mozambican Dinner and House Party

Day 3 – Wednesday 13th

Morning | Travel by bus to Ponta D’ouro
Afternoon | Traditional Mozambican Dance Workshop
Evening | Dinner, Lirhandzo Swing Out Party & Blues Taster Class at Love Café

Day 4 – Thursday 14th

Morning | Traditional Mozambican Circle Dances Workshop
Afternoon | Lunch and free time
Early evening | Kuzangalala Afro Swing Show and dinner
Evening | African open fire Party – Xitiko Ni Mbaula  and Mozambican Drumming and Singing Workshop

Day 5 – Friday 15th

Morning | Urban and Traditional African Taster classes
Afternoon Lunch and afternoon adventure

Evening | Kuphatima ka Nweti – The Moonlight Dance and Kizomba Taster Workshop

Day 6 – Saturday 16th

Morning | Travel to Maputo
Evening | Free time for Dinner
EveningConcerto Sizodivana with live African and Swing music and Lindy Hop taster class open to the public

Day 7 – Sunday 17th

Morning | Free time for relaxing and visiting FEIMA Art Craft Market

Afteroon| Youth Program Swing Classes and Performance
Evening | Salani Vamakweso Fairwell Brothers and Sisters Party

Day 8 – Monday 19th  

All Day | Depart Maputo

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