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Uma Viagem Músical! A Musical Journey!

This week will bring you live music when you least expect it. Quoting Mikaela Hellsten: “It is like being in a musical where people pop up singing, dancing or playing everywhere as a soundtrack of our adventure!” Count on drums, choir singing, dancing and rhythms spontaneously following you on this journey. See below the list of programmed shows, live bands and DJ:s!

Hodi Mozambique

Our senior dance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing will give you a world class performance. Our dancers started dancing already in the bellies of their mothers and have not stopped since then. Hard work has made Hodi one of Maputo’s strongest dance companies, and you will have the opportunity to see them in full action!  This show will take you on an energetic journey around Mozambique.

Atxuza Afro Swing Show with Banda Hodi and friends

The band formed in 2009 by young Mozambicans, members of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, with their roots in traditional rhythms and instruments. Throughout the years beautiful fusions with jazz and reggae have developed but without loosing its authentic touch. The band is led by the twin duo Manhiça that captures and engages the audience with their singing and dancing. Banda Hodi has worked with artists such as Leon Mobley (US) Timbuktu (SWE) Mingas (Moz) Harlem Hot Shots (SWE) and Matuto (US). They started in the suburbs of Maputo but has grown to be one of the city’s rising talents and recently performed at the festivals AZGO and Crossroads Mozambique.

Nhoxani Jazz Band

This band is a new band born out of the Afro Swing movment in Mozambique. With members from Banda Hodi together with invited local jazz musicians from Maputo they create a unique sound of jazz with inspiration from South African Township Jive, such as Miriam Makeba, Africa American Jazz and Swing and traditional African rhythmical expressions.

Hodi Afro Swing Kids on Stage

This has been one of the most appreciated activities of our previous exchanges because nothing can compare with the pure joy of expressive children putting all their energy into traditional Mozambican dance and Swing! They will give you a taste of what it may have felt like when the kids danced in the streets of Harlem and in the Mozambican traditional country side since way back in the days. Our only warning is that you might be so impressed that you will be left with a feeling of wanting to give up dancing…


DJ music will be provided by both local and international DJs. Meque Como, our local lindy hopper will bring his favorite American and African Swing tunes. We also have DJ Momass and some other internationals putting on their greatest swing hits from their over ten years experience of digging into Jazz. More local DJs to TBA!

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