We Will Take Care Of You!

We will have a designated person with a medical background following us during the week. If you are unlucky and feel sick during your stay, this is the first person for you to talk to. The most common illness for tourists is to get a sensitive stomach and maybe fever, however in most cases it passes in 24h. We have a first aid kit with us but you can also prepare yourself by bringing extra paracetamol, electrolytes and vitamins. In case a clinic or hospital is needed we will help you to get to the closest one. Make sure you have a travel insurance. To keep yourself extra safe in relation to food, read under “Food Safety”.

Vaccinations and Precautions

Travellers to Mozambique are recommended to have their routine vaccines updated including Hepatitis A and B. If you travel from another African country or South America you may be required to show your yellow fever vaccine card, short transfers should not count, if they ask anyway insist that it is not necessary and they will let you through. Maputo and Ponta D’Ouro have considerable levels of Malaria, and it is recommended to take prescription medicine such as Malarone or Lariam. Using mosquito repellent and nets are also highly recommended. Some people prefer not taking the prescription medicine due to side effects and instead being extra careful with not getting bitten, however, the most important part is to feel safe. One suggestion if you are taking Malaria medicine is to start taking them before you go to feel the side effects before you travel. Talk to your doctor if any doubts. There are some other vaccines some people would suggest even though the risk of infection during this stay is very small.


Disclaimer : All information provided within this section is opinion only and visitors should seek their own travel advice.