Travelling to Mozambique

How to get here

Book you ticket to arrive in Maputo at the latest March 16 in the afternoon and to leave at the earliest March 24th in the morning. It is possible to arrive later or leave earlier but we do not recommend it since you will miss part of the program. You can also stay a few days before or after, let us know when you register and we can help with how to spend your extra days and book hosing for you.

The most comfortable way is to look for the cheapest flight straight to Maputo Airport. There are a few different airlines you can choose. Ethiopian Airlines (that we personally always fly with) normally has the cheapest tickets from Europe even though it is not the most comfortable. For a cheaper price you can buy a return ticket to Johannesburg and get a return night bus ticket to Maputo ( The bus is a standard bus, not a sleeping bus, meaning we only advise you to take this option if it is easy for you to sleep on buses, so you don’t arrive too tired in Maputo. If you travel through Johannesburg, the train from the airport to Park Station is comfortable but it is not advised to walk alone in the area outside the station due to safety.


The best way to get your visa is through your local Mozambican embassy or consulate. We will write a letter of invitation for the event that you can attach to your tourist visa application. Check with your closest embassy and contact us if you have any questions. Some embassies have a long processing time, so we advice you to look into this as soon as possible. If your closest Mozambican embassy is in Stockholm, then let us know, we will communicate directly to the embassy who is going the event and they will grant you the visa by only sending in the application and fee. If you are going to Kruger Park (which is situated in South Africa) or Swasiland you need to get a double entry visa.

If in doubt

Please speak or email the Mozambican Consulate in your country.


Disclaimer : All information provided within this section is opinion only and visitors should seek their own travel advice.