Local Transportation

Chapa! Probably already your first day you will experience the local chapa the minibus used for public transport in Mozambique. We will have our own chapas taking us around during the event where we cuddle up with buts squeezed tightly together. We will also take a chapa to go to Ponta D’Ouro, it will take us around 3h. Count on a driver with a constant smile on his face!

Taxis! If you arrive early or stay later you might need to take taxis. Fátima’s has trustworthy taxi drivers always waiting outside the hostel with standard prices. If in the city, take a yellow cab and it should cost you around 300 MZN to Fátimas.

Walking! Maputo is safe to walk during day time and also shorter distances at night. It is recommended to take a taxi late at night or if you are carrying valuables. Always carry your passport with you in case the police would like to check your visa.


Disclaimer : All information provided within this section is opinion only and visitors should seek their own travel advice.