MASX 2016



“To participate in MASX definitely gave my life a new word: unanga, which in the language Changana means rhythm."


- Anderson Almeida, Brazil

"It's as if my whole body smiles whenever I think back at memories from Mozambique. I feel lighter and breathe more easily "


- Hanna Turesson Bernehed, Sweden

"MASX was a wonderful, unique way to see Mozambique. Highlights for me were being shown around by the local dancers, learning their traditional dances and drumming, and trying the delicious Mozambican food. The beach was magical!"


- Ros Skelton, South Africa

"After MASX I gained a responsibility inside of me; to never let Swing die in Mozambique"


- David Abiatar Massingue, Mozambique

"A great experience that everyone should try once in their life!"


- Andrei Becheanu, Sweden

"I have had trouble explaining to people, why the experience of being in Mozambique was so special to me. This little clip from our first day sums it up pretty well…" - click here


- Katharina Duarte, Denmark

Where can you swingout by the sea, learn beautiful african dance, instantly meet new friends for life where det best communication is through dance? Mozabique Exchange. I want to go back!!


- Maria Eknes Stagrum, Norway

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