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Mother City Hop!

Cape Town Swing is for the second time organizing Africa’s biggest Lindy Hop event! Extend your stay and go to South Africa for this great event straight after MASX. Last year we were a group of 15 travelling together between the events, so you will not be alone to travel across to the neighbouring country! See more at


Kruger Park

Kruger Park is South Africa’s biggest Safari park and located just 1,5 hours from Maputo across the border to South Africa. We can organise a two day one night tour for you before or after the event! The cost will be around 420US$ but can change, we will keep you updated. The safari will be paid in US$ at Fátimas. A car will pick you up at Fátimas in Maputo take you to the park and bring you back to Fátimas the next day. Let us know if you are interested and we will help you!


Hang out with Hodi Maputo Afro Swing!

Do you want to arrive earlier or stay longer and dance with Hodi? Let us know and we can help you with housing and program!


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