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The most comfortable way is to look for the cheapest flight straight to Maputo Airport. If you are going to Mother City Hop after Mozambique, you can book a round trip: Home – Maputo, Maputo – Cape Town, Cape Town - Home. or other search motors are good for that. For a cheaper price there is a night bus ( from Johannesburg to Maputo, so another option is to buy a return ticket to Johannesburg and get a return bus ticket to Maputo and book a low price return flight ticket to Cape Town (for example if you are going to MCH. Ethiopian Airlines (that we personally always fly with) normally has cheap tickets from Europe. if you go to both events another option could be to fly straight to Maputo and book your return ticket from Johannesburg. Since many people are going to both events the group would take a bus together to Johannesburg and get a cheap return ticket to Cape Town and you could fly home from Johannesburg.

If you come from Cape Town the cheapest way is to book a return ticket to Johannesburg and take the night bus to Maputo.

If you are going straight to Mozambique, just look for the cheapest flights to Maputo or to Johannesburg and take the Intercape bus from there. The night bus to Maputo is a standard bus, not a sleeping bus, meaning we only advise you to take this option if it is easy for you to sleep on buses, otherwise it can be a tiring journey.





The accommodation included in this package is at Fatima’s Place Maputo and a hostel to be announced in Bilene. Bed in dormitory comes with the package but private rooms are available for an additional fee. Fátima’s offers a cosy environment with a restaurant and bar and is also well situated both in Maputo. All rooms at Fátimas have air conditioning. See: (



Travel Essentials


Visa: The best way to get your visa is through your local Mozambican embassy or consulate. We can write a letter of invitation for the event that you can attach to your tourist visa application. Check with your closest embassy and contact us if you have any questions. If your closest Mozambican embassy is in Stockholm, then let us know, we will communicate directly to the embassy who is going the event and they will grant you the visa.. If you are going to Kruger Park (which is situated in South Africa) you need to get a double entry visa.


Vaccinations and precautions: Travelers to Mozambique are recommended to have their routine vaccines updated including Hepatitis A. If you travel from another African country or South America you may be required to show your yellow fever vaccine card, transfer does not count. Maputo and Tofo have considerable levels of Malaria, and it is recommended to take prescription medicine such as Malarone or Lariam. Using mosquito repellent and nets are also highly recommended. Some people prefer not taking the prescription medicine due to side effects and instead being extra careful with not getting bitten, however, the most important part is to feel safe. There are some other vaccines some people would suggest even though the risk of infection during this stay is very small. For more info klick here.


Food: Depending on your stomach and food habits, there is a small risk of upset digestion from local water and food. If you know you are sensitive, avoid tap water and ice, wash all fruit and fresh vegetables, and stick to cooked food.


Safety: Maputo is quite a calm city and it is not too dangerous to walk around in daytime or early night time. However, it is always good to be cautious and take a cab at night and not show valuables openly such as smart phones, cameras or watches. The police commonly stop foreigners asking for passport showing your visa, therefore it is always important to carry your passport with you.


Cash: There are plenty of banks in Maputo that accepts Visa and MasterCard, so to avoid carrying around a lot of cash, it is convenient to just withdraw money upon arrival. If you would like to bring some cash with you, bring US$ or Euros that you can exchange to Meticais (MZN), at the airport or at local markets. The Kruger Park Safari needs to be paid in cash in US$ or MZN at Fátimas.


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