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Research, Preservation and Divulgation of Mozambican Culture and Art


Hodi Maputo Afro Swing is a non non-profit cultural association founded in 2014. The mission of Hodi is to work for the preservation, research and dissemination of Mozambican traditional dance, music and traditional instruments as well as African American Swing Dances.


The company has over 30 artists that can also be divided into subgroups; traditional dance company, a musical group Banda Hodi, Makwaela choir group, The Hodi Swing Kids and Dance classes at the American Cultural Center. Hodi's artists have over the years participated in many major international festivals abroad in China, Macau, Sweden, Brazil and the USA. Nationally the have participated several time in the Festival Nacional de Cultura, Festival de Xigubo and AZGO and Crossroads. Hodi is available to perform at any kind of event such as galas, conferences, weddings and birthday parties. They can either perfom as a whole or as smaller groups. For contact information click here.


Below is a description of each division and their expertises:


Hodi Maputo Afro Swing Dance Company consists of 20 dancers and 10 traditional musicians that perform traditional dances from all over Mozambique such as Xigubo, Marrabenta, Semba, Makway and others. The company has up to 30 dances in their repertoire, and also performs South African traditional and street dances, Hip hop, Swing and Contemporary Dance. The dances gives a large variety of expressions from powerful warrior dances to sensual female dances and surprises the audience with traditional drum and dance fusions of Hip Hop and Swing. Most of the dancers have danced since a very young age and their body movements are so intense that one cannot look away. On the stage some dance numbers are also used to bring up important subjects such as gender equality, deforestation and HIV.



Banda Hodi was formed in 2009 by young Mozambicans with their roots in traditional rhythms and instruments. Throughout the years beautiful fusions with jazz and reggae have developed but without loosing its authentic touch. The band is led by a twin duo that captures and engages the audience with their singing and dancing. Banda Hodi has worked with artists such as Leon Mobley (US) Timbuktu (SWE) Mingas (Moz) Harlem Hot Shots (SWE) and Matuto (US). They started in the suburbs of Maputo but has grown to be one of the city’s rising talents and recently performed at the festivals AZGO and Crossroads Mozambique.


Hodi Makwaela – Makwaela is a male choir and dancing tradition that originates in from the Mozambican workers of the South African Mines. Hodi’s group consists of 14 male dancers who have been singing and dancing together since the age of 10. While performing they are dressed in suits and playfully bring up relevant communal topics such as the importance of the cultural heritage, HIV and family relations. Hodi Makwaela has participated three times at Mozambique’s National Culture Festival, performs regularly to represent Mozambican culture at major political events and created a fusion with tap dancing in 2014 with the Harlem Hot Shots.




Hodi Swing Kids started in 2012 and when the dancer and musician Manuel Manhiça saw the kids imitating there dance steps after having watched Hodi's dance practice threw the window. Knowing how important dancing had been to him in his childhood he invited them to learn traditional dance and music. The same year the children also started learning swing such as charleston and Lindy Hop with Lisa Josefsson, a dance form that has given the children lots of joy. Manuel Manhiça says "When the children dance swing, it's impossible not to be happy".





Maputo Afro Swing is a project that is part of the dance company and started in 2012 when Lindy Hop came to Moçambique. With the drive of connecting swing, jazz and lindy hop to it’s African roots Lisa Josefsson and Nando Valoi started teaching Lindy at the American Cultural Center in Maputo and the scene has been growing ever since. Hodi Maputo Afro Swing now performs with swing dances such as the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. We have weekly Lindy Hop Classes at the Cultural Center one can attend on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm. with the talented Paulo Inácio.




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